Greenfire Bio Announces the Creation of WeaveTech

by | Jun 23, 2021

Tissue Repair Using Silk Based Technology

Austin TX, June 22, 2021 — Greenfire Bio, LLC announced today that it has formed a new subsidiary, WeaveTech, to research and develop bi-layer silk fibroin (BLSF) scaffolds to repair visceral hollow organ defects. Successful feasibility studies in multiple pre-clinical in vivo models demonstrate the ability of this technology to provide a functional repair of tissue defects, followed by the incorporation of new host tissue within weeks.

WeaveTech will focus initially on urology and upper gastrointestinal tract repair, exploiting the watertight properties of the silk film layer and the porous properties of a silk foam layer to facilitate the incorporation of new tissue. Use of this silk fibroin scaffold may eliminate the need for harvesting normal tissue from the patient, offering the promise of faster and less painful procedures, as well as the potential for equivalent or better outcomes. BLSF scaffolds will be sterile and ready to use out of the package and maybe custom fit by the surgeon to fit patient needs. “WeaveTech’s BLSF grafts have the potential to change how certain hollow visceral organs are repaired by providing an off-the-shelf and easy-to-use solution for urologic surgery,” said Ajit Gill of Greenfire Bio. “This is also a perfect example of the diversity of innovations we are seeking to develop at Greenfire- unique therapeutics or devices in transition to becoming clinical-stage product candidates that address serious unmet medical needs.”

WeaveTech is the second subsidiary formed by Greenfire Bio in the past 6 months. Green3 Bio, which is developing an ovarian cancer therapy, was the first. Greenfire Bio recently expanded its interest in oncology by investing in Pacylex Pharmaceuticals, a Canadian company developing a first-in-class myristoylation inhibitor for hematologic malignancies.

About WeaveTech

WeaveTech, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Greenfire Bio, is developing bi-layer silk fibroin (BLSF) scaffolds for hollow organ tissue repair, with the potential to eliminate the need for host tissue harvesting. BLSF scaffolds are designed to be watertight and are expected to facilitate the incorporation of new host tissue within weeks of implantation. The new tissue forms in the location where the scaffold was placed, as it is degraded into natural amino acids. WeaveTech will focus initially on the repair of defects found in urology and the upper GI tract. BLSF scaffolds will be sterile packaged and custom fit by the surgeon to fit patient needs.

About Greenfire Bio

Greenfire Bio, LLC is a development and investment company, led by a team of experienced biopharma executives, building a diversified product pipeline by developing early-stage assets through proof of concept and investing in unique medical breakthroughs. Greenfire typically licenses, acquires, partners, or invests in differentiated pre-clinical or early clinical-stage programs to bridge the translational medicine gap and accelerate development. Greenfire’s first dedicated subsidiary company, Green3Bio Inc., was created for the purpose of developing the salt-inducible kinase (SIK) inhibitor, GRN-300, in ovarian and other cancers.

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Greenfire Bio Contact: Ajit Gill,
President and CEO, Greenfire Bio, Inc.
P: 408-218-9330
Twitter: @greenfirebio

WeaveTech Contact: Chris Searcy,
President WeaveTech
P: 617 780-7745

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