WeaveTech – Tissue Repair Using Silk Based Technology









WeaveTech is developing bi-layer silk fibroin (BLSF) scaffolds for the repair of visceral hollow organs. BLSF grafts are watertight and act as a scaffold for incorporation of new tissue within weeks after implantation based on preclinical work to date. WeaveTech will focus initially on urology and upper gastrointestinal reconstruction and repair where patient tissue is typically harvested for grafting thus eliminating the need for this step in the repair procedure. This is expected to result in a faster and less complicated procedure versus the current standard of care. BLSF grafts will be sterile packaged and custom sized by the surgeon to fit the patient’s needs.

Silk is a proven biocompatible material. WeaveTech is initially developing BLSF scaffolds for use in urinary tract reconstruction including for repair of urethral strictures and hypospadias, and for bladder augmentation surgery as well as repair of upper gastrointestinal tract defects. Pre-clinical data suggest WeaveTech’s BLSF scaffolds have good biocompatibility and low immunogenicity and form innervated, vascularized urethral tissues capable of restoring organ continuity and voiding function.