Pacylex Pharmaceuticals

Pacylex Pharmaceuticals is a Canadian company developing an oral small-molecule drug, PCLX-001, as a first-in-class therapy for a new target in cancer, myristoylation. PCLX-001:

  • induces selective lethality in leukemia and lymphoma cell lines,
  • kills patient cancer cells ex-vivo,
  • completely regresses leukemia and lymphoma tumors in mice including those from drug-resistant patient tumor cells,
  • strongly inhibits the growth of solid tumors in mice including breast and certain lung cancers,
  • is likely to synergize with most other therapies on the market or in development, and
  • is at least 10-times as potent in vitro as ibrutinib (Imbruvica) and dasatinib (Sprycel), two multi-billion-dollar drugs for hematologic malignancies.

Lymphoma results were published in 2020 in Nature Communications. Breast cancer proof-of-concept evidence was published in 2021 in Breast Cancer Research and Treatment. Pacylex was authorized in March 2021 by Health Canada to begin clinical trials in that country and expects to dose the first patient with PCLX-001 by mid-year 2021. The initial clinical study of PCLX-001 is in lymphoma and solid tumor patients, with a second clinical program in leukemia also planned.