converting concept into product

Discovering opportunities, accelerating development and partnering wisely

Why Greenfire

How we build success

Medical innovations are precious and exciting and come from all over. Making a good idea in medicine into a product is a difficult and expensive process. It requires expertise and capital often not available for startups completing laboratory proof-of-concept.

That’s where Greenfire comes in. We have assembled experts, advisors, service providers, and capital to deploy on late pre-clinical and early clinical assets to accelerate their development into products.

Our extensive network seeks out exciting innovations, engages flexibly with the innovators, and accelerates the transition to medical products. We take the unappreciated risks out of development – timely access to expertise and capital. If you think you have an innovation that fits our profile, contact us.

And when a product is ready for the last steps for approval and commercialization, our team has deep experience in navigating the right path to optimize success and return for all participants.

Opportunity Access

Capitalize on access to innovative preclinical and early-stage clinical products and technology

Development Acceleration

Leverage an integrated ecosystem of development organizations and internal expertise to accelerate product development timelines


Monetize investments through strategic and well-timed out-licensing, sale or IPO of each product to provide liquidity to investors and the best path to bringing products to patients

Our process sounds simple but execution is where we excel

Acquire pipeline of differentiated products to meet underserved medical needs. If you think you have an innovation that fits our profile, contact us.

Deploy very experienced biopharma team for efficient drug development and business management

Utilize a successful organizational model; leverage virtual operations focused program management and partner ecosystem of service providers

Exit programs after advancing candidates to an appropriate value inflection point

Provide excellent returns to investors by delivering superior products to patients


Ajit Gill

CEO and Founder, Director

CEO & President Nektar Therapeutics
VP and Gen Mgr Kodak’s Interactive Systems
VP Finance at TRW-Fujitsu

Steve Morris, MD


CEO & Internist/Medical Oncologist
Former PI: St Jude’s (discovered ALK, developed ALK CDx and inhibitors)